Ministry of Interior accepts recommendation by Ombudsman to Install CCTV Cameras in Prisons and Detention Facilities

Nov 24, 2013

Manama, July 27th 2013 (BNA) – The Ombudsman has commenced its work of independently monitoring prison and detention facilities. The monitoring process involves conducting visits to insure that the rights of any person in prison or detention are guaranteed, safeguarded, and that they are able to exercise these rights in a manner that is inline with national legislation and international obligations.

Based on the observations obtained through monitoring, the Ombudsman presented a special report to the Ministry of Interior. The report recommended the installation of CCTV cameras in all public areas within prisons and detention facilities, such as buildings, cellblocks, and hall ways.


The Ministry of Interior responded to the Ombudsman's report by accepting the recommendation. It must be noted, that this comes in addition to the installation of CCTV cameras in police stations to have audiovisual recording of all official interviews with detained persons. The installation of audiovisual recording equipment was in implementation of recommendation 1722(g) of the Bahrain independent Commission of Inquiry's (BICI) report.

The response to the recommendation is seen by the Ombudsman as positive move towards the development and improvement of prisons and detention facilities in a way that ensures adherence to human rights standards and guarantees, in satisfaction of both national and international laws and obligations.