Ombudsman refers a complaint of a citizen to the Special investigation unit claiming being exposed to physical assault

Nov 24, 2013

Manama, August 22nd 2013 (BNA) –The Ombudsman detected what has been reported by some newspapers and media concerning the allegations of a citizen named (M.H.S.) being exposed to physical assault inside a detention center.

As a result, a team from the Supervision Directorate of Reform and Detention Centers at the Ombudsman moved to the detention location of the mentioned citizen on Tuesday August 20th 2013, where they listened to his testimony on what he had been exposed to, as well as listening to his brother concerning any information on the incident.

Based on the information and the received statements of the interview of the mentioned citizen and his brother, the Ombudsman has decided to refer the allegation to the special investigation unit, which had reviewed such allegations, and still carrying out the investigation according to its competences.

According to the Decree No. 27 for 2012, and its amendments, the Ombudsman will follow the course of investigation carried out by the special investigation unit, and will inform the parties of the case of a statement including adequate information highlighting the carried out procedures.