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Ombudsman denies inmate's baby allegation

The Ombudsman today denied the allegations of a female inmate at the reform and rehabilitation centre, who claimed that she had not been allowed to hand over her baby to one of her relatives under the pretext that he would be infected with the flu.

Online allegations prompted the Ombudsman to send a woman investigator to meet the inmate and hear her statement.

The ombudsman inquired into the issue with the administration which highlighted the rules on handing over babies who are living with their mothers at the centres.

The regulations make it mandatory for a doctor to examine the baby in order to assess its health conditions at the time of the hand-over.

The Ombudsman said that the records kept at the centre show that the inmate handed over the 17-month baby to his father 25 times during her two-month stay at the centre, pointing out that the latest happened today.

In a statement issued today, the Ombudsman affirmed that the regulation apply to all mothers in the reform and rehabilitation centre.