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The Ombudsman Office follow up activities and the effectiveness of awareness and education programs at the Dry Dock Detention Center

In line with its commitment to engagement, The Ombudsman Office continued its follow up with the different religious and cultural awareness activities and events provided to inmates and detainees, the Ombudsman Office represented by a delegation headed by Mr. Hamad Salman Taqi, Director of Monitoring of Rehabilitation and Detention Centers, recently visited the Dry Dock Detention Center. The delegation were briefed on activities, events, and programs which are organized by Dry Dock Detention Administration, and are used by detainees in various educational and cultural purposes under the instructions of his Excellency  First Lt. General Sheikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, Minister of Interior and the Ministry's leadership.


The Director of Monitoring of Rehabilitation and Detention Centers at the Ombudsman Office had praised those activities and events , emphasizing their great role in educating detainees which is considered to be a reflection on the promotion and respect for human rights principles within the Center. Moreover, these activities provide a suitable humane environment, which helps the detainees to engage in rehabilitation activities and support him physiologically, intellectually and socially.


Mr. Hamad Taqi also pointed out that the Center's administration organizes religious awareness sessions on weekly basis in which many detainees had engaged in. Also about 50 detainees participated in the Quran memorization competition in the center  and two  participated in the Great Bahrain Holy Quran Competition under the patronage of His majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa that organized by the Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs and Endowment.


Mr. Hamad Taqi, added that such activities and programs are not limited to Bahraini detainees, but also to include foreign detainees through cooperation with civil society associations and some diplomatic representations, in addition to the role of "Discover Islam Center” in conducting awareness lectures to be attended by those who wish to do so.


At the end of his statement, the Director of Monitoring of Rehabilitation and Detention Centers Directorate at the Ombudsman Office, stressed that these activities and events come within the framework of the continuous approach of the Ministry of Interior represented by the Center's administration and the General Directorate for Reformation and Rehabilitation to enhance the humanitarian services provided to those in custody and to provide them with an enabling environment in order to acquire more knowledge, Culture and facilitate their integration into events that take place outside of the place for their benefit and society.


The delegation of the Ombudsman Office were accompanied by Colonel Abdullah Rashid Al Shehhi and a number of administrative staff at the Center.