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Ombudsman, Nawaf Al Ma'awda, speaks at Bahrain Friendship Society in London

The Ombudsman for the Ministry of Interior, Mr Nawaf Al- Ma'awda, was the guest speaker at the annual ceremony held by the Bahrain British Friendship Association in London. The event included many guests with ties between the United Kingdom and the Kingdom of Bahrain, among the attendees were, the Society's president, H.E Ambassador Alice Samaan, and the number of members of the Lords and Commons led by Lord Howard and Lord Soley, Baroness Morris MP Alistair Burt, former Minister of State in the British Foreign Office and Attorney Hugh Robertson, former Minister of State in the Foreign Office, and former Cabinet Minister, Hazelle Blears MP Nadim Zahavi, Wadiward Aukdon, Director of the Middle East, the British Foreign Office, and the Director of the prison grievance and a number of researchers and research centers.


In his speech, the Mr. Al- Ma'awda affirmed that the establishment of the Ombudsman Office a strong testament to the commitment of the Government to implement the recommendations of Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) and his Office's commitment to work to propose reforms to the prison system and the treatment of detainees. He also praised the cooperation and technical assistance provided by the Government of the United Kingdom in the areas of prison reform, training of police forces.


The Rt Hon Lord Howard of Lympne CH QC gave a speech in which he confirmed the depth of the relations between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the United Kingdom and Bahrain's reforms, particularly concerning the rule of law, praised Mr. Peter Sincock, Chairman of the Bahrain British Friendship Society for his genuine efforts in fostering friendship between both countries through the work of the Society.