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Reformation, Rehabilitation Centre visited

May 13 (BNA): Interior Ministry Undersecretary Major-General Khalid Salem Al-Absi and Ombudsman Nawaf Al-Ma'awda today paid a visit to the Reformation and Rehabilitation Centre (Jaw) amid preparations to open four new buildings next week. Two additional buildings will also be inaugurated at the Detention Centre at the Dry Dock.

The buildings which were designed to take into account the security, safety and healthy living conditions of the inmates , include education and rehabilitation facilities to ensure the delivery of their legal and human rights. 

The two officials visited the Royal Charity Organisation (RCO) Nasser Centre for Vocational Training, in the presence of RCO Secretary General Mustapha Al-Sayyed, and were received by Board of Trustees member Abdulrahman Al Hamadi. The move is in line with the directives of Interior Minister to provide a comprehensive training programme to reform and rehabilitate Bahraini inmates and detainees.

The officials, who were briefed on the rehabilitation programme, visited a number of classrooms, and toured welding and mechanic workshops. (RCO) Nasser Centre is one of the strategic projects that aim at providing vocational training for inmates, fostering the spirit of citizenship, teamwork and self-management among them, in addition to planning and social integration skills.