The Ombudsman meets with the French Ambassador to the Kingdom

Manama, September 23 rd 2013 (BNA) –The Ombudsman at Interior Ministry, Nawaf Mohammed Al Ma’awda met today Monday with the French Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain, Christian Ties... More

Ombudsman Office Holds Workshop

Manama, Sept. 11./2013 (BNA) – The Ombudsman Office at the Interior Ministry held here today a specialised workshop for ombudsmen's investigators, in cooperation with the British Embassy... More

Ombudsman refers a complaint of a citizen to the Special investigation unit claiming being exposed to physical assault

Manama, August 22 nd 2013 (BNA) –The Ombudsman detected what has been reported by some newspapers and media concerning the allegations of a citizen named (M.H.S.) being exposed to physical ... More

Ombudsman Office Investigates Death of Civilian in Serious Traffic Accident

Manama, July.30/2013 (BNA) –The Ombudsman Office has expressed its sincere condolences to the family of the citizen who died as a result of a tragic traffic accident involving a police vehic... More

Ministry of Interior accepts recommendation by Ombudsman to Install CCTV Cameras in Prisons and Detention Facilities

Manama, July 27 th 2013 (BNA) – The Ombudsman has commenced its work of independently monitoring prison and detention facilities. The monitoring process involves conducting visits to insure... More

Delegation From Ombudsman Office Secretariat General Visits a Number of Asian Embassies

Manama, July 21/2013 (BNA)— A delegation from the Interior Ministry’s Ombudsman Office Secretariat General, led by Secretary General Nawaf Mohammed Al-Ma’awda, paid visits today ... More

Secretary-General of the Ombudsman Meets with British Ambassador

Manama, July 11./2013 (BNA) – Secretary-General of the Ombudsman at the Interior Ministry Nawaf Mohammed Al-Ma’awda met here today with the British Ambassador to Bahrain Iain Lindsay. ... More

Ombudsman Secretary-General Meets German Ambassador

Manama, Jul 8/2013 (BNA) Interior Ministry Ombudsman Secretary-General Nawaf Mohammed Al-Maawda today met German Ambassador Sabine Taufmaan. Mr. Al-Maawada gave an account about the Ombudsma... More

Greater transparency, accountability in human rights sought through ombudsman initiative

Manama, July 3 /2013 (BNA) -- Bahrain this morning inaugurated the office of the Human Rights ombudsman, In an effort to clean the slate and put the country on a new trajectory of peace, harmony a... More