The independent Ombudsman Office visits the Reform and Rehabilitation Center in Jaw, makes sure of the living conditions of inmates and confirms that there are no cases of forced disappearance or deprivation of calls

The Independent Ombudsman Office announced that, as part of its continuous efforts and work to follow up the conditions of inmates at the Reform and Rehabilitation Center in Jaw, and to complement... More

The Independent Ombudsman Office confirms that allegation regarding a number of inmates are deprived from communication or enforce disappeared are untrue

The Independent Ombudsman Office announced that it during the past two days received a number of assistance requests from families of inmates at the Jau Reform and Rehabilitation Center inquiring ... More

The Independent Ombudsman Office reveals the outcomes of its investigations into the death of an inmate at the Reform and Rehabilitation Center at Jau and the false allegations raised regarding it

The Independent Ombudsman Office has confirmed that it has commenced the investigation, in accordance with its legal and functional mechanism, regarding the death of the inmate (Mr. Abbas Hassan A... More

Ombudsman receives NCC chief

Ombudsman, Nawaf Mohammed Al-Maawda, received here today the Chief Executive Officer of the National Communication Centre (NCC), Yousif Mohammed Al-Binkhalil, in the presence of Deputy Ombudsman, ... More

The Independent Ombudsman reveals the facts regarding allegations raised in an Amnesty International report

Following the independent Ombudsman’s Office statement issued on March 11, 2021, regarding the announcement of an investigation carried out into the allegations raised in Amnesty Internation... More

The Ombudsman Office initiated an investigation into the allegations raised by Amnesty and Human Rights Watch

The Ombudsman Office issued a press release confirming that it followed up on the allegations raised in the recent published statements and media reports by "Amnesty International" and &... More

The Ombudsman and the Special Investigation Unit organized a specialized workshop on the Principles of Independent Investigation with the participation of international experts

The Ombudsman Office and the Special Investigation Unit (SIU), in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the United Kingdom Embassy in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and the Inde... More

The Ombudsman Office clarifies facts about allrgations raised on the enforced disappearance and the prevention of communication of an inmate

The Ombudsman Office confirms, in accordance with its professional and legal duty, it followed up, formally and professionally, on the issues raised about the inmate (Z.A.). The Office dealt with ... More